My white friend was shot

The other day by a masked predator

The bullet was inches away from his heart

I called my Jamaican friend and he

Called his Mexican god sister to tag along

To the hospital.

Upon our arrival, the Tongan nurse

Said he is sleeping, so we decided to pray

His mom was Roman Catholic

So we all decided to pray in our own respects

For his speedy recovery

His father had not yet come to see him

As he was working

I called my Native American mom

And told her I would be late coming home

She told my Kenyan dad and they

Said okay, we are praying as well

The Cuban doctor said they had to remove the

Bullet while he was asleep, so they

Took him away for a while

Upon his return, a couple of more friends had arrived

One British, one from Ghana, one born in Saudi Arabia

I looked around at all of the people in the room

And it hit me…

When you erase color

That when you see things…


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