I am paper

Balled up in the trash

Wondering how I ended up

So far down 

Ripped in some places

Punctured in others

I will never be the same

I don’t even know who I am


All I remember is

Fulfilling my purpose

I was shining, grabbing attention

I was transparent

People could read me

One decided to make me her own


And cherish me forever

When I got home, I folded

She didn’t want me anymore

I had a couple of mistakes

Within me she wasn’t willing to 

Deal with 


I tried to smooth myself out

But to no avail 

I couldn’t erase my words because

They were written in ink

I couldn’t iron out my now wrinkly details


So she ripped me in two

Balled me up and threw

Me down here 

She deleted me from life

Like spam which is ironic

Because I’m sitting next to it


Honestly, instead of thrown away

I would have felt better being

Just all the way

Torn up

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