She loves to watch me work. She licks her lips as I work with my hands so distinctly. I guess the sun is hitting me just right because her eyes are lit up right now. I guess my work was top notch, as she offered me a free drink as she had one herself. It’s not many times that one gets to sit down on the job for a break…

Her tone relaxed me and motivated me to do the best I had ever done. She offered me an invitation inside with her eyes. I accepted by walking inbehind her. I sat on the floor for the carpet was plush and comfortable. She popped in a movie and rubbed my shoulders. Talk about hospitality. Her hands relaxed me so much that my head dropped back. Suddenly, I felt her lips touch mine. It was so surreal, for I did not eve know her name, yet, I felt like she was a part of me…

In between her legs was warm and moist. I could feel her heating up by the second. She instantly became undressed without me noticing, as I was too occupied with her lips suffocating mine. She placed my hand onto the entrance of her haven. I felt her dripping down her legs like condensation from fresh fruit. It felt like my hand was swimming in an ocean, splashing her juices too and fro..

She ripped my clothes off and climbed onto my pool stick. It drowned in her filter. I felt like I was taking a bath in her passion. She started to sweat from riding me so hard. It mixed with her already drenched “fruit” but now she wanted my “cock” in her “tail”. I rose from my defensive position when she no longer straddled me and gave her what she really desired.

Upon the second part of my journey in her ocean, she poured a river onto her sheets. The deeper I went, the darker her sheets turned. Pink became red, then earth toned… then brown… then black… She could not take anymore as her strawberry turned the color of a cherry. She fell to her stomach, splashing on her passion stained mattress. She screamed, squirted like an automatic hose, then curled up in the feeble position while biting her lips moaning and staring at me.

I sat in the chair with my legs open for a bit feeling pretty good about myself. She reached for her purse with her hands shaking, pulled out to 100 dollar bills and told me she would see me next week. She only owed me 50 but she told me it was for the over time I put in. Funny thing is, people will never know the real meaning behind why she calls me… her poolboy.

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