A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression

A symbol of countenance.

A gesture made by the upward curving of the lips to present happiness and joy

To whomever sees it


It is also used as a mask.

A mask in which we hide pain,

Anguish, Loneliness, Low Self Esteem,

Doubt, Demonic Powers, Worries,

And Even Depression.

Therefore we fall…

We fall into a hole that we dig deeper by hiding behind this mask.

We create an abyss for ourselves,

And we fall sometimes forever…

Never grasping onto any latch of hope that we can vent in some fashion.

Maybe to a friend, maybe to a family member, maybe to a teacher.

Or maybe through a hobby or prayer

We yearn for a release valve, but are afraid to exhibit our true selves,

Contemplating on how we will be ridiculed for being who we really are.

But who are you if you are not you?

Are you the brand of clothes you wear?

Are you the name of the shoes you have on?

Are you named after the money in your pocket?

Regardless of what you have or what you do not have,

You were created with feelings…

Feelings that were not made to be disguised behind the outward expression

You can project.

Feelings that were not made to be tossed aside because you act “hard”

Feelings that were not made to be forgotten and bottled up and exploded

When you have held them in for too long.

But yet they should flow like a river, reciprocating the very essence

of its mission for being, and lingering from heart to heart…

They are made to be revealed for you to be understood.

They are made for you to speak of your troubles and joyous times.

They are made for you and you only, because no one else knows what you are feeling.

So why not express them? Why not open up?

Why keep your heart closed to where it will be cold and desolate?

Open it, to release the stuffiness that clogs your arteries

Open it, to shed some light in those dark places.

Open it, because you never know how much of a blessing you can be

And the blessings you can receive.

If you do not, then how can you express your true feelings?

Those that you express are therefore false, like hypocrites in church

That preach Heaven on Sunday and raise hell on Monday.

Do not be false. Do not be fake.

Be yourself which is who God made you to be.

If you do not know who or what that is, ask Him.

If you are not you; if you are not real with yourself,

You are essentially, virtually in substance…

Living A Lie.

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